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As an artist, it has been a deeply meaningful experience for me over the past ten years to witness the Ndebele, an artistic society of women proceeding through the doorway of cultural evolution, stepping through to tomorrow, and back into their past, with each present day displaying a bit of both. I feel because I came to these women openly as just another woman artist of color, who expresses life abstractly, they have guided me into their way of seeing, and blessed my endeavors with their friendship and support. The force of this coalition has enhanced my own creativity and inspired my life as a woman artist in the 21st century. I pray my photographs give the viewer some insights into the strength and power of these women and their traditions.

The many exhibits have been sponsored in part by grants from UNISA, UMSAEP, University of Missouri South African Education Partnership Program, the University of Missouri Research Board, Southern University Department of Visual and Performing Arts Faculty and Students, Louisiana Division of the Arts, the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, the Black Artists Network, the University of California at Santa Cruz, and the Pretoria Art Museum of South Africa. Technical Assistance is provided by Charles Hoard and the support staff of 4moreinfo Communications.

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