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1. Ndebele I: King's Birthday Party

2. ANC Gate

3. Work Taxi

4. Women Warriors II: Procession

5. The Hand That Holds The Universe

6. Pour You Out A Blessing

7. Portrait of Ms Elisabeth

8. Ms. Elisabeth's Handmaiden

9. Market Mona Lisa

10.Wall in Disrepair

11. Still Life: The Rivet-maker's Table

12. Home to Botshabelo

13. Johanna

14. Ndebele Man from the Masilela Clan

15. Kenneth with Middelburg Blanket

16. Children of Nebo I

17. Children of Nebo II

18. Initiation Day I: A Daughter Presented

19. Initiation: Night Watch

20. Initiation: Dance Leaders

21. Still Life: Freedom Rings

22. What is a Nigerian?

23. Ever Ready Woven

24. New Wall Gate at Loopsruit

25. Mothers of Sons

26. Simunye

27. Mr. Ndimande

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